Everyone could use a new start. A space to develop, mindfully.
A safe base to reach out and explore from.
And a place to call home.

Love to hear from you....

........and if you share my concerns, my interests,
or have something to say please feel very
welcome to join the conversation,
I'd love to hear from you!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

It's in the bag pamela . . . . . . .

Well hello again.  It's my pleasure to have you to visit:)  How's your year going so far?  Good?

I remember sharing my thoughts last January on how I tend to start my NEW year on February 1st.  Anything sooner seemed to take me unawares.

Well, no change there.

But for today, two themes - firstly I'm running down on what was good about last year, completely summed-up in how I spent christmas - secondly I wanted to pass on an insight shared by a friend to a group I've recently joined.

I hope you can find something in all of this that resonates with you, sparks your interest or makes you smile.

So this is christmas, and what have we done? another year over.....................

being reminded what unconditional positive regard actually is by being accepted and embraced wholeheartedly and non-judgementally by SMALL PEOPLE ages two and four....
....breathless anticipation
unfettered joy.....
a warm and welcoming home.....
SMALL PEOPLE being at the centre of the known universe
...fabulous food....(vegan, obviously)
r e l a x a t i o n
and reading:
the Holy Bible and the different accounts of the Nativity, and
the Law of Attraction and how to get into the Vortex and get what you really really want, and
the Power of Now and how diminishing the human Ego can heal both ourselves and the Earth, and
the God Delusion and Richard Dawkin's positive athiesm
and listening:
to the adorable Elbow, and
a zillion christmas carols, and
soaring scorching power ballads (Adele), and
rocking around the (musical!) christmas tree, (the very musical christmas tree (small, green, felt, with bells on) which was switched on and placed by our bed VERY EARLY every morning by small people with ENORMOUS sense of fun!
and soothing and inspiring devotional Kirten songs and chants,
and best of all
Jingle Bells (completely spontaneous performance by said small people - serenaded me from outside locked door, whilst I was reading and relaxing in a bubbly bath) *my own special moment, a nugget of fabulousity and absolute joy* to be carried in my heart forever!
tears for loved ones gone but never forgotten
tears for the recognition of what they meant, and how deeply we can grieve, and how I'm getting through, and
tears for the ghost of christmas past, and
tears for the small people now all grown up and gone
and the knowledge:
that NOW is what it's about
that we are meant to feel joy
that not everyone has to like us
that acknowledgement of self is the first step to anything of value

All-in-all a very MIXED BAG!
Hmmmm.  There was more but I'll spare you for now!

And on to our Circle....a meeting of friends sharing a positive outlook and exploring ideas.  How we view our relationship with life, its meaning, the friend put forward her personal position with such eloquence and certainty....I wished I'd taken notes so that I could share with you exactly.  Hers is a system which I'm considering, is it acceptable? or do I 'need more work' on myself (probably).  Her world, physical, her 'out-there' non-physical, the universe and whatever else, seamless and connected in that everything that comes to be is already a part of what is and what could be.  It certainly chimes with me as a marvellous and centred approach.  Thank you!

The theme of the week for the group was 'gratitude' and I'm carrying that forward.

So I'm thankful, so very grateful, for all of the facets and the events of christmas for bringing to clarity all that I'd been through last year and before, and putting things into perspective, and making me feel worthy of such joy and such love.

Love to hear your thoughts!
Love and hugs
pamela xxx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mindless, mind control, mine.


  1. Attempt listening to a soundcloud meditation via a facebook link sent to me via  e.mail by Jeddah Mali, whilst also:
  2. checking flight status by refreshing the webpage for Jeststar airlines every minute until it tells me that the delayed flight my daughter boarded an hour ago is finally in the air (n.b. have taken three phonecalls from A today, and checked her fb status, viewed her photo's and left comments approximately eleven times today (so far).  "So far"! Lol, appropriate! 
  3. whilst waiting checking out recipes and recipes and more
  4. update: flight departed 1.27am western Australia time(28 minutes ago).  Phew.
  5. note times and details on scrap of paper
  6. texting A's father flight status/daughter status, and
  7. plug in phone to charge 
  8. wonder how far distance is between Perth and Brisbane? Check
  9. check Hotmail updates, 6 junk, 1603 inbox. *sigh*
  10. read e.mail, note yoga challenge has managed to get to day nine already (and without much help from me)
  11. read e.mail, note winter feast challenge started yesterday and I'm managing meditation nicely
  12. read e.mail, note another really thought-provoking list from marc and angel and action print-to-file for further study
  13. red flag several e.mails regarding local group meetups this friday and saturday
  14. write dates and times on scrap of paper
  15. red flag two e.mails regarding training days in February - 'Developing Compassionate Self-Regard' and 'Mindfullness, a Way of Living' 
  16. write dates and times on said scrap of paper
  17. note-to-self must look for 2012 diary purchased in November.  Useful. 
  18. realise 28 minute meditation (see 1 above, has finished some time ago.  *sigh* must replay whilst making dinner.
  19. realise it's taken me an hour to write this list

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Get busy, now......

Hi folks and welcome.
Busy old time of year isn't it?
Probably not the best time to start new projects or try out new recipes!
 Especially when there are WIP's loitering in every nook and cranny.....
this particular work in progress is going to reach it's first birthday 
before I can get back to it, what with christmas knitting, preparations and all, oops.
No matter how busy I should be, there's always time for an outing,
preferably somewhere scenic.......
Did I say 'scenic'?  
Ah yes, scenic.....
and with birds...... 

Although I wasn't expecting Eagles!  
Not wild unfortunately, but out for a bit of fresh air, and trained with whistle and titbits 
to return to the outstretched arm of the bird-man.
Do forgive the poor quality pictures, it was frrrrreezing and blowing a gale!
So I'm quite pleased to be back home and snuggly:)
Ahh, that's better *sigh*
Must get on, after a snooze!
Bye for now
pamela xxx

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Greetings and Gratitude.....

Hello People and welcome back.  And an especially warm hug to new viewers:)  

It's such a special relationship - blogger/s/reader/s.  Intimate yet distant, anonymous sometimes.  An evolving and deepening friendship at other times.  In fact it's true to say that I feel closer to one or two of my bloggymates than I do to 'real' people!  And I have to admit, I'm a better person for the knowing of them.

Have that experience yourself?  Anyone?

I'm very thankful for this situation.  I hope I give as much as I receive, but really, what relationship is truly reciprocally balanced equally?  I don't know.  But I am glad.

I love that I get to meet people in all places, almost (hey Lori, you're right, never Africa).  And share their insights into the profound and the mundane.  I've discovered through this process a little more about myself than about them.  And in the words of Esther (Abraham) 'there is great love here for you'.

Ok.  So the season is upon us.  Things are a bit different this year, so I've a lot to plan and do.  

Take a peak - stuff for small people (my favourite type)

I have reserved some energy for the aftermath the 'what-to-do-in-January' to have something to look forward to.  And to help me 'live my best life'.  I've joined a local meet-up group....for positivity and possibilities,  I'm taking the yoga challenge,  joining in with the  winter feast for the soul forty-day meditation and a change camp+plus day workshop on developing compassionate self-acceptance.   And all of that just gets me to February.  A whole lot of year left to fill up after that!

So how about you? any plans for 2012? focusing on....?

I'll leave you with a picture of me hanging out with one of my Zen friends taken earlier this year over on Magical Meadows!

(Hey Mary, have you visited yet?  Close to Durham and a great place for wildflowers!)
Stay safe and happy everyone, until next time.
Love and hugs
pamela xxx
P.s. yes I know it looks like there's a scarycrow growing out of my head!
edited to explain the pictures of children are on knitting patterns and not my small people,  
Nana Pam keeps those to herself!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Time's a'changing . . . . .

Welcome all.  Many thanks for looking in.  Today fell on a date full of significance to many, and for many different reasons.  Whether ushering in a NEW AGE or remembering LOST GENERATIONS or noting the SYNCHRONICITY of numbers or RAISING LOVING VIBRATIONS or SENDING PEACEWAVES around the earth, I hope it was a positive day for you all.

I could not have been in a better place.......

 Dawn in the misty mountains....


 One group a silent circle meditating

Another chant with bells and chimes and drums.........

From Castlerigg Stone Circle in Cumbria, 
peace and love children, 
peace and love xxx
Bye for now
pamela x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I've got the technique . . . . . . . . . .

Well hello friendly people, welcome to today's offering, the first for November - November! it certainly is.  Crispy crunchy leaves underfoot and, hmm, a definite suspicion of fireworks around.

So what's the technique Pamela?
Ah so, a dual offering.
Number one, the Alexander Technique
Number two, the pamela-dealing-with-THE TASK-as-best-she-can technique.

The Alexander Technique:
I was recommended to try Alexander Technique (AT) by a friend/ driver after an afternoon spent listening to my groans and moans about my-poor-back-which-has-never-been-as-bad-as-this and helping me in and out of his car as we visited students on an archaeological dig.  I knew a little of AT having come across it when I tried a number of treatments due to having been a bad-back-sufferer for (37 years) since the age of 19 when I was a junior nurse.  Lifting!  and lifting heavy patients was not a good idea.  I had been interested to try it and so  found an AT class in Durham.  I knew after the initial session that this was magic personified in the form of a wonderful trainer/practitioner.  A real *eye-opener* of an experience.  M talked to me for a while, gently moved my head and arms, and somehow added an inch or two to my 5' 2" comfycurvy old bod.  She asked me how I felt and didn't seem fazed when I answered that I felt I was tipping over to one side.  Instead she placed a full-length mirror in front of me and - wow!  I was sitting perfectly straight!  We tried the same process standing.  Again I felt I was leaning way over to the right.  Again the mirror showed me otherwise.  I was truly amazed.  This demonstrated my body's shadow memory of how far out of true my posture had been.

I now go along every week or so for an hour and I'm learning how to live in, move and use my body with ease and without tension.

What it is: Books have been written in answering this question!  See previous sentence for my answer!
What it costs: £26 per session.  I've had ten and plan ten more.
Rated 10 out of 10!

Dealing with The Task:
I'm getting on with The Task (see previous post if you're new to this blog *hello*) but slowly, for two reasons.  Firstly, because I'm recovering from a day in hospital having my wisdom teeth surgically removed.  Strong pain meds are a wonderful de-motivator and my bed is oh-so-cosy:)  Secondly is that in order to deal with de-cluttering of GIGANTIC proportions you do need a number of resources.  Boxes, bags and labels, yes of course.  Pad and pen to log what goes where.  Motivation.  But additionally, unless you want to break your ankles, neck and SPIRIT, you need (1) SPACE and (2) a level surface preferably one that avoids bending and lifting so - not the floor!  I don't think I'm the first (I do read a lot of blogs on the subject and thank everyone!) to liken this process to a life size game of TETRIS - you know the sort of thing, moving *boxes* around with only one empty box/space to play with.

So my technique recommendation is make a space, even if it means moving your furniture/gym equipment/whatever.  It's temporary and good motivation for getting on with it!  I've tipped a sofa on its end, lifted a coffee table onto another sofa, piled up boxes in front of radiators and (unlit) fires and likewise blocked off doorways (but leave an emergency exit!).

Next, I'm using my dining table a temporary staging post based on three suitcases (filled with coins and stamps) covered with two old duvet covers to empty my boxes onto (the dining table is, of course, covered with boxes!).  

Then comes the sorting.  Here's where the space comes in useful.  A series of empty labelled boxes and bags at the ready and the lifetime's collection of whatever are reassembled as suitable for auction, charity shop, rubbish or keep etc.

Three more days of this and then a quick put-things-straight before we go away for the week - the lovely, breathtaking and blissful English Lake District is mine all mine!  Well, for a week's stay in a cosy cottage and lots of fresh air activities, and a bit of mindful AT and meditation at least.

That's all folks!  Getting on getting on!
Bye for now
pamela xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Weaving a path.....

Hello lovely people and thank you so much for sticking with me.  And thank you so very much for your love and kind comments of late.  After I posted  this little lady has given cause for concern since we last spoke - drama and well, 'going through it', but all seems well now, happy in the Outback.  Sheesh!

Anyway, such a lot to talk about.  Snuggle down and get comfy!

So 'Take it from here' . . . a fresh start after Magical Meadows, after shocks and great sadness and grief.  The idea was to fully explore the ideas and experiences that were grabbing my attention, share them here and invite your comments and conversation.  Ah well.....I've been a bit backward about coming forwards with all of that.  So I thank you again for your patience, much appreciated, and now let's push on with the task.

Did you get that?  I'll run it past you again...let's push on with the task....THE TASK?

But just wait a minute.  Hush now.  And now I'm going to dally purposefully.  Because even though the task needs to be brought to your attention and examined I think it's important to take a moment and be aware of the emotional state of mind we/I find ourselves/myself in.

This is why.  Go back a few months.  New (to me) things started to pop up around the edges of my sorry self.  I noticed a Yoga magazine.  I found a couple of weblinks to Feng Shui blogs.  A friend recommended Alexander Technique.  Another friend discussed alternative healing.  I picked up and put down a whole raft of self-help, new-age, spiritual (yeah me, spiritual) books.  I was already 'into Raw', food that is.  I got more into it.  I found myself spending time prodding at my thoughts, noticing my continual poor me, bad mother, done-it-all-wrong-again internal dialogue.  I began to see things I had dismissed years before as 'not for me' had returned, coming to the forefront.  And knew that I was on to something.

My turning point came when on holiday in Scotland.  Away from home when home was A VERY BAD situation with a HUGE task brewing I needed distraction, I needed SERIOUS holiday reading.  First sign of a bookshop had me scuttling in and scurrying out fifty four pounds the poorer but with a bagfull of life/affirming/changing oh my goodness gracious me! Fifty four quid???!!!!  

So, Waterstones, Oban branch, I thank you.  Thanks to you I finally got into law of attraction.  I wouldn't say that I fully 'bought into' the whole scenario (more of this another time maybe, if you're interested) but I felt it's resonance, and could see its relevence in so many of my experiences.  I could see lessons to be learned.  And tools, processes, and practices.  It's religion Jim, but not as we know it.  Well, maybe.

Hmmm.  Lesson one.  Enlightenment doesn't come cheaply.
Yoga mat.
AT sessions.
Guided meditation tapes.
Yoga dvds.
Exercise bike.
Walking boots.
Kirten and chanting cd's
More yoga magazines.
Raw food recipe books

Now then.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  Far from it.  I'm not unhappy.  The first step, maybe even the most important gift you can give yourself is to be informed.  And I've been selective.  I've chosen with care, carefully considered options.  And I was in the fortunate position of having the luxury of time and money at this time of my life.  And I intend to use it to HAVE the TIME OF MY LIFE.

So, what is my emotional state of mind?


Now, with that in mind....let's get back to the TASK.

Oh, first though, I mentioned a yoga mat.  I intend to use it.  I do.  To learn to be skilful, supple and strong.

But right now, and for some time now,  I haven't had room to unroll my yoga mat.

And no I'm not exaggerating.  The liveable space in my small two bedroomed house has shrunk. Until the task is completed .......well, there's no living the time of my life.

Now there is irony in this because being mindful, living in the NOW, is a key part of that.  So I can't ignore this task a minute longer.
I must embrace it
I must relish it
I must enjoy it
and however sad and dusty and smelly and downright difficult it gets it's got to be done.

Sorry, what?  Oh, you want pictures?  Ok.  Maybe just one or two.
Wouldn't want you to feel TOTALLY ******* OVERWHELMED aswell would I?

Over two hundred boxes and bags.  We've lived like this for several months now.  No, it's not our stuff.  But it is our task, ok, MY task to deal with it.  Long story, another time. So I leave it to you if you feel the need to ask questions, offer advice, feel empathy....feel free to comment or to move on silently.  I have resources and support.  Many.  I mention two - I take today's title 'Weaving a path' from Cindy's weekly wisdom at 365lessthings where she describes her greatgrandparents house, and where decluttering is a lifeform (she guests on that blog thanks to the lovely and so helpful Colleen.  Tanja brings minimalist living with a human face and  love and support and a philosophical twist.  There are many others.  Decluttering.  The time of my life.

After that grimy grimness I'll leave you with a different view, the painting my guy bought for my birthday, of a favourite place, tranquil, remote, uncluttered, peaceful.  Ah bless.  Where is it?  
Ah.  Our secret.

Take care now
 xxxxx pamela